“A happy mix of shock and delight” - Cork and Galway Lotto jackpot winners claim their life-changing prizes

Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot set to roll to €5.2 million (est)

The Cork and Galway Lotto players who scooped the Lotto jackpots just a week apart on Saturday 29th May and Saturday 5th June have both officially claimed their prizes.

The Rebel county winner won the life-altering amount of €2,469,871 in the 29th May draw after purchasing their winning ticket at O’Connell’s Foodstore in the seaside town of Myrtleville at the end of May.

The jackpot winner was quick to check their ticket and realise their good fortune: “I checked my ticket that night after the draw and as I went through the draw results, I just couldn’t believe that every number was matching the ones printed on my ticket. By the time I got through the results, I was definitely feeling overwhelmed. It certainly wasn’t easy getting to sleep that night and the next day was filled with a happy mix of shock and delight.”

The Cork winner plans to take their time and carefully plan what to do next: “I still can’t quite believe my luck. It really is still the best news – every time I hear the National Lottery ad, I can’t believe that I’m now one of those winners! I’m going to take my time for now and let the news properly sink in before I decide what to do.”

Just a week later, a syndicate in Galway were delighted to be the lucky winners of the €2,475,303 jackpot in the 5th June Lotto draw after purchasing their winning online ticket through the National Lottery app.

The winning group revealed what it was like to receive the all-important notification after the draw: “It was about an hour after the draw when I realized that we had won. I am used to receiving the emails to say ‘you have won a prize’ for when we might have matched three numbers or something similar but it’s definitely never been anything like this before. I was in a bit of shock at first so it took a while to sink in.”

“We won on a ticket that I bought using the Shake, Pick & Play feature on the app. When you’re the syndicate manager, it’s definitely less pressure to buy the weekly tickets that way instead of remembering the numbers that everyone has picked themselves. I always found it handy to use the Shake option and it’s certainly paid off now, that’s for sure! We’re all still so delighted with the good news and can’t quite believe our luck.”

Meanwhile, tomorrow night’s (Wednesday 7th July) Lotto jackpot is set to roll to an estimated €5.2 million.

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