Carlow woman collects cheque for €250,000 won on Mega Money Multiplier Scratch Card

“Some locals know about the win – I've been getting handshakes and rubbed for good luck!”

A moment of sheer delight and euphoria unfolded in the National Lottery’s winners' room this afternoon as a Carlow woman claimed a €250,000 top prize which she won on a Mega Money Multiplier Scratch Card. 

The local Tullow native, who wishes to remain private, purchased her winning scratch card in Nolan’s Mace in Tullow, Co. Carlow.  

The local woman arrived at National Lottery HQ this afternoon with her family and recounted the moment she discovered she’d won the big prize; “Well, it was my first time ever buying one of the €10 Scratch Cards, I just thought I’d go for something different. I landed home and started scratching and that’s when I thought I’d won €25,000! I was absolutely over the moon about it. So, I rang my daughter to tell her the good news. Not too long after she popped around the house to check the Scratch Card for herself. She goes, mammy, you haven’t won €25,000, I thought oh my god I knew it was too good to be true, I’ve read that card wrong. You’ve won €250,000, she roared!!! Well, I nearly dropped to the floor, we were jumping and cheering and crying, the lot”, she said. 

The Tullow woman described what the next couple of days were like following the suspenseful reveal: “I slept with the Scratch Card for the next three days, I wasn’t letting it out of my sights. Word kind of got out around the town and some locals know about the win, I’ve been getting handshakes and rubbed for good luck! They are all genuinely happy for me and it's created a bit of a buzz around the place, it’s been lovely”, she added. 

A new roof for the house and a new shiny car is just some of the ways in which the Carlow native wishes to spend her winnings.  

Also claiming a big scratch card win today was a player from Offaly who took home a €50,000 prize which they won on a Congratulations Scratch Card. The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased the winning Scratch Card in Dunnes Stores in Edenderry Shopping Centre, Co. Offaly. 

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