Winners Round Up – April 2021

Here are some of our big April winners!

Summer is almost upon us and things got a lot brighter for one particular National Lottery player who became the biggest Lotto winner of the year to date.

Check out all winners that have won high tier prizes in the chart below for the month of April.


Compiled from National Lottery claims data with all prizes totalling 15,000 and above (10,000 and above for online winners)

Following an astonishing Lotto roll sequence which lasted for ten weeks, the jackpot of €12.7 million was won by a Kilkenny player on Wednesday 14th April. The player became the second Lotto jackpot winner of 2021 and the 12th largest Lotto jackpot winner in the history of the game. They purchased their winning ticket at the Circle K service station on the Waterford Road in Kilkenny City.

On the same night, we saw two players from Dublin and Cavan come incredibly close to sharing in the massive jackpot when they matched 5 numbers + the bonus to win €208,132 each. The good fortune did not stop there as a player from Laois joined the roll call of winners for the 14th April draw by winning the €250,000 top prize in the Lotto Plus 2 draw. When we spoke to the Laois winner, they told us just how overwhelmed they felt at realising their good news.

They said: “I checked my ticket the next morning using the National Lottery app. When it said that I had won a big prize, I went through the Lotto results to see which prize it could be. I looked at the main draw first and saw that the €12.7 million jackpot had been won so wondered what other prizes could have been won that night. When I got to Lotto Plus 2 and saw that my numbers matched, I was in total shock. A wave of emotion took over as I compared my ticket over and over.”

A few days later, to finish the big week for Lotto, the Lotto Plus 1 top prize of €1,000,000 was won by a Kildare player on Saturday 17th April who purchased their winning ticket in the Crookstown service station in Ballytore, Athy. 

On the last Friday of the month, the EuroMillions draw had an incredible outcome for a number of players all over Ireland. We saw two players from Waterford and Cork win the top prize of €500,000 each in the 30th April EuroMillions Plus draw. In the main draw on the same night, a player in Co. Donegal came agonisingly close to winning the €43,409,687 jackpot on offer when they matched 5 numbers + 1 lucky star to win €281,487. 

We saw the Daily Million Plus top prize of €500,000 being won by a Dublin player in the 9pm draw on 15th April. The winning ticket was purchased at the Tesco Superstore on Whitestown Road in Rush. The Dublin winner told us that they did not realise their good news immediately after taking their time to check the draw results initially.

They said: “I was actually walking around with the ticket in my wallet for a few weeks before I even checked it and realised just how much it was worth. When I did eventually check the ticket on my phone, I couldn’t believe it. I got the message to say that I had won a big prize but never expected this. Even after I called the National Lottery to confirm the win, I was almost waiting for them to tell me that this was all a big mistake and that I hadn’t won the top prize at all – I’m glad to say that didn’t happen!”

April was an incredible month for our big scratch winners which saw ten players share a prize fund of €625,000.

When we spoke to one of our biggest scratch card winners of the month who won €100,000, they told us how they came about buying their winning €5 Money Multiplier scratch card in O’Brien’s Newsagents on William Street in Galway City.

They said: “I wouldn’t usually buy Money Multiplier scratch cards but when I went into the shop that day, they didn’t have the ones that I would usually go for so I thought that I’d give that game a go. Thank goodness I did! It’s just as well they were out of my usuals, it could be a very different story otherwise. I’m going to let the news settle in for a little bit longer before I really decide on what to do next. But it really is great news to get, especially as we get closer to things hopefully opening back up again.”

The biggest Instant Win Game winner of the month scooped the top prize of €100,000 in the €5 Cash Showdown game.

They said: “I had played the game a few times before so I knew how it went but I had never expected to see the top prize amount appear. The €100,000 amount came up on the first screen of the game so I was panicking for the remainder of playing as I couldn’t go back to double check it – I had to play to the end so those few moments felt like forever! I was delighted when it was confirmed that I wasn’t seeing things and all those zeros really were there.”

A huge congratulations to all of our lucky April winners and the best of luck to anyone hoping to join the top prize winner list for May! It could be you.