35 Lotto players nationwide scoop €22,872 each

102 Lotto players have benefited from boosted prize fund at lower tiers across last 8 draws

The largest Lotto jackpot ever seen in Ireland remains intact and up for grabs in this Saturday’s draw as there was no overall winner of the staggering €19.06 million amount in last night’s draw.

The Wednesday night draw marked the eight time that the jackpot remained capped at an astonishing €19,060,800. As last night’s jackpot was capped, this meant that the funds that would usually be added to the jackpot were instead distributed to the next prize tier at which there was a winner.

The prize boost proved beneficial to the Match 5 prize tier and resulted in 35 players all over Ireland winning the cool sum of €22,872 each in the midweek draw. The largest winners from last night’s draw who all came to within just one number of the massive jackpot are advised to sign the back of their tickets and to keep them safe. Each of the winners should make contact with the National Lottery prize claims team on 1800 666 222 or email claims@lottery.ie and arrangements will be made for them to claim their prizes.

The winning numbers from last night’s (Wednesday 27th October) draw were: 03, 11, 25, 32, 40, 45 and the bonus was 05.

While there was no winner of the jackpot in last night’s draw, over 166,000 players all over Ireland won prizes across the Lotto and Lotto Plus games.

Across the last 8 draws, 102 Lotto players have benefited from the boosted prize funds at the Match 5 + Bonus and Match 5 tiers. The Lotto jackpot cap came into effect on Saturday 2nd October and since then, the additional funds that would have usually gone to the jackpot have been flowing down to the lower prize tiers in each of the subsequent draws.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “What a Wednesday night it was for 35 players across the country! Each of the Match 5 winners came incredibly close to becoming Ireland's largest Lotto jackpot winner ever as they were just one number away from the life-changing €19.06 million. Due to the jackpot remaining capped at €19,080,600, the funds that would have usually gone to the jackpot were instead distributed to the next prize tier with a winner. As there was no winner of the Match 5 + Bonus category, these funds were added to the Match 5 tier which benefited 35 players who will all now go on to claim €22,872 each. Over the course of the last 8 draws, we have seen 102 players enjoy even higher prize amounts than usual due to the additional funds flowing down to lower prize tiers.”

Nearly 30 cent in every €1 spent on all National Lottery games goes back to Good Causes in the areas of sport, youth, health, welfare, education, arts, heritage and the Irish Language. In total more than €6 Billion has been raised for Good Causes since the National Lottery was established 34 years ago. In 2020 alone, €254 million was raised for local Good Causes in communities across Ireland.