Thanks For Playing EuroMillions

Every time you play National Lottery games, not only are you in with a chance to win, thousands of you do win.


In our most recent EuroMillions jackpot rollover alone, you won nearly €26 Million in prizes including: 


  •  - 7 EuroMillions Plus winners who won €500,000 each.
  •  - An amazing EuroMillions Match 5 +1 Stars rolldown winner who won a cool €2.5 Million!


Our players weren't the only big winners. You also helped raise almost €25 Million in funding for good causes which goes on to support projects and organisations accross Ireleand in the areas of sport and recreation, national culture, heritage, the Irish language, the arts, health, community, youth, and the natural environment.

So THANK YOU for your ongoing support and playing National Lottery Games.


Play responsibly, play for fun.