TellyBingo Snowball rolls again to €100,000

Excitement continues to build in the Telly Bingo TV gameshow ahead of Tuesday’s (26th September) draw which will see a €100,000 snowball prize up for grabs. 

The Telly Bingo game gives players the chance to play Bingo in their own homes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at a cost of €2.50. The Telly Bingo TV Gameshow is broadcast on RTÉ One at 12.45pm each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

On 12th September, The National Lottery Super September Snowball promotion added €40,000 to the prize and it’s been rolling ever since that date.

Tuesday’s Telly Bingo draw could see a one or more players scooping the massive Snowball prize on offer. If players get the full house in 53 calls or less, they will win or share a massive €100,000 which includes the €10,000 Full House prize.

If there is no Snowball winner, the Snowball number will be increased by one number to 54 for the next show and €5,000 will be added to the Snowball prize. This process continues until there is a Snowball winner(s).

Players hoping to play for Tuesday’s €100,000 Telly Bingo Snowball prize are advised to purchase their tickets instore before the 11am deadline for ticket sales on Tuesday morning.