TellyBingo Snowball rolls again to a record €95,000

Excitement continues to build in the Telly Bingo TV gameshow ahead of Thursday’s (13th October) draw which will see a record-breaking €95,000 snowball prize up for grabs.  

The Telly Bingo game gives players the chance to play Bingo in their own homes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at a cost of €2.50. The Telly Bingo TV Gameshow is broadcast on RTÉ One at 12.45pm each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Telly Bingo Snowball prize is a bonus for players who achieve a Fullhouse on or before the 52nd number for Thursday’s game.

Thursday’s Telly Bingo draw could see a one or more players scooping the record-breaking Snowball prize on offer. If players get the full house in 52 calls or less, they will win or share a massive €95,000 which includes the €10,000 Full House prize. The record Snowball prize includes an additional €40,000 top up prize which was added to the prize fund on Friday 30th September.

If there is no Snowball winner, the Snowball number will be increased by one number to 53 for the next show and €5,000 will be added to the Snowball prize. This process continues until there is a Snowball winner(s).

Players hoping to play for Thursday’s €95,000 Telly Bingo Snowball prize are advised to purchase their tickets instore before the 11am deadline for ticket sales on Thursday morning.