The National Lottery calls on lucky winners to check their tickets as Prize claims period changes back to 90 Days

Prize Claims Period Changes Back to 90 Days as Ireland Re-opens

As the country enters Phase 3 of re-opening, the National Lottery is changing its Prize claim period back to 90 days. During the Covid restrictions, winners of draws from 9th January 2020 had 180 days to claim their Prize. Lucky winners of draws from July 9th 2020 onwards, will have 90 days to claim their Prize.

Draw Game Effective Dates
Daily Million and Daily Million Plus 9pm, Thursday 9 July 2020
Telly Bingo Friday 10 July 2020
EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus Tuesday 14 July 2020
Lotto, Lotto Plus and Lotto 54321 Wednesday 15 July 2020


Prizes can be collected in the usual way from National Lottery retail agents and at An Post Claim Centres. The National Lottery asks all players to keep tickets safe, and to continue to heed the advice of Government and practice social and physical distancing when collecting Prizes.

Thank you for continuing to support the raising of vital funds for local Good Causes in communities across Ireland. Nearly 30 cent in every €1 spent on National Lottery games goes back to Good Causes in the areas of health, welfare, youth, sport, education, arts, heritage and the Irish language.

For further information see How to Claim.



Why have you reverted to a 90 day claim deadline? 

The National Lottery game rules state that prize winners in National Lottery games have 90 days from the date of the draw to claim their prize. This period was temporarily extended to 181 days in light of the COVID-19 public health crisis. This change to the National Lottery Licence was approved by the National Lottery Regulator for all those who won prizes from 9th January until 5th July 2020. 

What was the reason for extending the period of time in which players can collect prizes?

The National Lottery extended the period of time that lucky winners could collect prizes on all draws and certain scratch card games in order to encourage people to stay at home and not require them to make any unnecessary journeys during the public health emergency.

Does this mean that I can now collect a prize from National Lottery HQ?

All prizes under €15,000 Prizes can be collected in the usual way from National Lottery retail agents and at An Post Claim Centres. 

Prize winners over €15,000 (€10,000 for online players) are encouraged to contact the National Lottery Claims Department by calling 1800 666 222 or by emailing and arrangements will be made for the prize to be claimed.

How do I claim my National Lottery prize (below €15,000)?

As per our usual claims process, prizes up to and including €100 may be claimed at any National Lottery agent store across the country. Agents may pay higher prizes (up to and including €2,500) at their discretion. An Post Prize Claim Centres guarantee payment of prizes less than €15,000.

Where is my nearest An Post Prize Claim centre?

A full list of An Post Prize Claim Centres is available.

I won over €15,000 on a scratch card. Does this deadline apply to me? 

We ask any winner of a prize above €15,000 on any of our 21 scratch card games currently on sale in retail outlets to verify your winning card by contacting the prize claims team by calling 1800 666 222 or by emailing and arrangements will be made for the prize to be claimed.

Does this same claims process apply to online winners?

Players who have registered with an online account and choose to play through our website or on the app can claim their prizes in the following ways:

Prize amounts from €1 - €99 will automatically be transferred to your online wallet. You may withdraw any unused funds at any time by logging in and selecting 'My Account' followed by 'Withdraw' and the specified amount will be issued by cheque, stamped “Account Payee Only”, to the address specified in your Player Account.

For prize amounts from €100 up to €500, a cheque will automatically be sent by post to your registered address.

If you win a prize from €501 up to €9,999, you will be contacted by the National Lottery who will verify your age and identification details and send out a Claim Form for completion before a cheque is issued.

For prizes of €10,000 and above, you must contact the National Lottery by calling 1800 666 222 or by emailing

Given the on-going pandemic, I still don’t feel comfortable attending National Lottery HQ to collect my prize. Will my prize expire if I don’t collect it after 90 days?

Normally, any prize exceeding €15,000 (or €9,999 for online winners) requires winners to come to National Lottery HQ on Abbey St in Dublin to claim their prize. PLI (Premier Lotteries Ireland), in agreement with the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery, has addressed this by agreeing to temporarily amend the National Lottery licence and the game rules to allow such winners to avail of an approved postal claims process.

What scratch cards are affected by the change in the prize claim deadline?

The prize claim extension which was introduced at the start of the public health emergency applied to a number of scratch card games that were due to expire last April. Winners of prizes on the following scratch card games, Crossword Doubler, Crossword Plus, Diamond Bingo Doubler, Bingo Times 10, Congratulations, Hampers Sweets & Treats Christmas Countdown, and Merry Money have until the 1st August to collect their prizes. A full list of expiry dates per scratch card game is available.

Can you explain why scratch card winners only have 90 days to claim their prize?

In practice, the prize claim period for scratch cards is, in most cases, much longer than all other National Lottery games because the 90 day claim period only commences from game end. In most cases, the scratch cards will have been bought well in advance of that. The terms and conditions which mandate the prize payment period of ninety days reflect industry standards and are approved by the Regulator of the National Lottery.

Does this prize claim deadline apply to Winning Streak scratch cards?

If you have won a prize on a Winning Streak scratch card, you can claim it one of our National Lottery agents or at your nearest An Post Prize Claim Centres up until the deadline of 10th August.

Winning Streak scratch cards with three stars sent into the National Lottery by August 10th will be included in the next preliminary draw, held at National Lottery HQ in Abbey Street, Dublin, which will take place once restrictions are lifted.

What happens to unclaimed lottery prizes? 

In accordance with the National Lottery Licence, we make every effort to ensure unclaimed prizes are minimised. This means that we advertise unclaimed prizes on our website, and in local and national media, as appropriate to enhance the prospect of them being claimed. In practice, only a very small percentage of prizes go unclaimed.

Any prizes not claimed within 90 days become expired, and in accordance with the licence are used to promote the National Lottery and so increase the funds raised for good causes.

Where can I find details of unclaimed prizes?

A full list of unclaimed prizes on our Draw Based Games in excess of €15,000  is available.