Online players to ‘opt-in’ for Plus games on draw based games

The National Lottery customers will have to opt-in to play Plus on its draw-based games, after it learned the Regulator had received complaints about an opt-out facility.  

A National Lottery spokesperson stated: “Nearly 90% of our players include Plus games in their lottery draw tickets both in shops and online.  Historically opt-out options have been included for convenience in our digital channels.  We learned today that the Regulator of the National Lottery is considering this opt-out option as a result of complaints that she received.  As ever, we are constantly listening to our customers and improving our products based on their feedback.  We want people to dream, win and always enjoy our games.  As a result, we’re happy to remove this option, and ask customers to opt-in when they want to play with Plus, while we review and establish what’s best for our customers based on their feedback.”