More Information on the Lotto Plus game change

So what is changing with Lotto?

We are launching exciting new enhancements to our Lotto and Lotto Plus games which will see more winners and more millionaires.


What are the prize changes?

The top prize in Lotto Plus doubles from €500,000 to €1 million and the odds of winning a prize with Lotto and Lotto Plus improves from 1 in 17 to 1 in 10. In addition, the Lotto Plus raffle prize increases from €300 to €500 and there are 3 new prize tiers between Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 (see table for details). There will also be a Lotto Plus Million Euro Raffle a few times a year.

Does this mean a change in price?

There is no change in the price of the main Lotto Draw panel. The price of a Lotto Plus line increases by €0.50 to €1 (the first increase in Lotto Plus in 16 years). The minimum price of playing Lotto with Lotto Plus will now be €6.

Do you have to play Lotto and Lotto Plus together?

No playing Lotto Plus will still be optional. Playing Lotto Plus will add your numbers in to two additional draws giving you a chance to win €1 Million and €250,000 Jackpots as well as many other prizes.

Is there any change in how to play?

No the format of play remains exactly the same.

Is there any change to the number of balls in play?

No this remains exactly the same. You choose 6 numbers from between 1 and 47.

Will the odds of winning the Lotto Jackpot change?

No the odds of scooping the jackpot still remains at 10.7 million to 1. And the odds of winning any prize on Lotto remains at 1 in 29 However the odds of winning a prize across both Lotto and Lotto Plus improves from 1 in 17 to 1 in 10.

Will there be any change in the days of draws?

No our Lotto draws will still take place every Wednesday and Saturday and will be broadcast as normal on RTE One.

Why has the National Lottery decided to change the Lotto game at this time?

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve our games - and to give our players more opportunities to win. We are delighted that these changes will create more winners and more millionaires.

The Lotto Plus enhancements provide for an annual increase to the Good Causes fund of an estimated €5.5m. Last year almost €226 million was raise for communities all over Ireland.

When will these changes come into effect?

The new enhanced Lotto Plus game will be available for sale from Thursday August 30th and launched alongside a nationwide advertising and media campaign. The first draw with the enhancements will take place on Saturday September 1st.