Lotto players get set to win even bigger this Saturday with a guaranteed to be won €1 Million Lotto Plus Raffle

Tomorrow night’s Lotto jackpot rolls towards €6.5 million (est)

The National Lottery has confirmed that it will be adding an additional €1 million to the Lotto Plus Raffle prize fund for this Saturday’s draw (23rd April). The Lotto Plus Raffle typically sees between 80 and 120 winners of €500 in every draw but tomorrow night, players are set for a boost in their winnings.

By topping up the raffle prize fund by €1 million, the National Lottery predicts that each winner of tomorrow night’s Lotto Plus Raffle draw will receive between €8,000 - €12,500.

Tomorrow night’s jackpot is now heading towards an estimated €6.5 million.

National Lottery players dreaming of becoming the fourth Lotto jackpot winner of the year and hoping to win a share of the guaranteed to be won €1 million Lotto Raffle prize, are reminded that the cut-off time for ticket sales is 7.45pm on Saturday night.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “This weekend’s Lotto draw will mark our third Lotto Plus Raffle promotion of 2022. On a normal night, Lotto Plus Raffle winners are guaranteed to win €500 but for tomorrow night’s draw, we are predicting each winner will receive between €8,000 and €12,500, depending on the number of winners. Our most recent Lotto Plus Raffle promotion took place on Saturday 19th February and saw 97 winners nationwide scoop an incredible €10,809 each due to the guaranteed to be won €1 million prize fund in the Lotto Plus Raffle.”

“And of course, let’s not forget our Lotto jackpot which is heading towards an estimated €6.5 million. If a player wins the life-changing amount on Saturday night, they will officially become the fourth Lotto jackpot winner of 2022 as well as Ireland’s newest millionaire.”

“We are encouraging all of our players who are hoping to be one of the big winners in tomorrow night’s draw to purchase their tickets early either in-store, through the National Lottery app or at ahead of the 7.45pm cut-off time for sales on Saturday night.”

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