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Kamal and Dad Fathers Day All Cash Scratch Card Promo

Kamal Ibrahim, a former Mr World from Limerick, has spoken of his special bond with his Father, who got the family safely from Nigeria to Ireland at the height of a military coup in the 1990’s.

Speaking ahead of Father’s Day this Sunday (June 18th), 31-year-old Kamal said he owes his success to his Dad: “Fathers are very special and are often overlooked. And now that I am a Father myself I am even more conscious of the special role they have,” he said.

All Cash Father's Day Promo

Kamal and his father, Abdul, enjoyed a pre-Father’s Day get together to celebrate the National Lottery All Cash Scratch Card range, an ideal gift for a Dad which could yield a massive €500,000 win. The six National Lottery All Cash Scratch Card games have more than €24 million in prizes.

Kamal said: “Father’s Day is very special for our family. My dad has given everything to ensure our happiness so I will make sure I go the extra mile to make a fuss of him this Sunday. I would love to be in a position to buy him his dream Lamborghini car like the one we are standing beside here to thank him - but for the time being, I’ll have to hope he wins big on his All Cash scratch card instead!” he said.

Kamal was born in Limerick where his Dad had met his mother while he was studying. After returning to Nigeria with his young family, Abdul became a successful restauranteur and hotelier - but a military coup in the 1990’s almost cost his family dearly.

“We practically lost everything. On one occasion, an attempt was made on my dad’s life when a gunman opened fire in the restaurant. In the end we returned to Limerick and we had to start again from scratch. At the beginning we were living in a hostel. I will always have such a strong bond with my dad knowing that he has literally gone to the end of the earth to ensure our safety.”

“I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have had in my life which are a result of his support. Men are sometimes not the most expressive but I will be telling my Dad this Sunday that I love him and I would urge all men to do likewise.”


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