Lotto Game Update – Advance Play Countdown Commences from post Lotto draw December 15th

The National Lottery is currently seeking approval for changes to the Lotto Game rules that would allow for a ‘will be won’ Lotto event to take place early in the New Year if the current ‘capped’ Jackpot is not won before then.

To make this possible, it is necessary to begin limiting Advance Play availability. 

So, after the Lotto draw on Wednesday December 15th the 8-Draw Advance Play option for Lotto will be temporarily paused followed in two weeks by the 4-Draw option and so on. This countdown of Advance Play availability will continue (if the Jackpot is not won) until we reach a point where only a single draw play option will be available. ​

Further communications will follow over the coming weeks if approval is granted but if you have any questions on this, please contact our customer care team on (01) 889 1000.