Tuesday’s record-breaking €200 million capped EuroMillions jackpot could create multiple Irish millionaires with an estimated €18 million boost to lower tier EuroMillions prizes

EuroMillions players in Ireland could be set for a bumper pay-out in Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw which promises a massive increase in lower tier prizes due to the €200 million jackpot cap which was reached in last Friday night’s (4th December) draw.

The National Lottery has confirmed that due to the €200 million jackpot cap, an estimated €18 million in prizes will now flow down to lower prize tier levels. Under the EuroMillions community rules, a jackpot is capped at €200 million and any excess will flow down to the next prize tier at which there are winners. The jackpot can remain capped at €200 million for up to four draws.

On the fifth draw at cap, if the €200 million jackpot is still not won, the full value of the jackpot will flow down to the next tier with a prize winner.

Speaking ahead of Tuesday night’s EuroMillions jackpot draw, a spokesperson for the National Lottery said: “We really are in unprecedented territory with the record breaking €200 million EuroMillions jackpot which is now capped. A single winner of this jackpot will officially become the largest lottery winner in Europe – ever. Additionally, as we have reached the maximum jackpot cap, all of the jackpot prize excess will now flow down to lower prize tiers which means that on top of the truly life-altering €200 million jackpot up for grabs, these lower tier prizes could create even more millionaires in Ireland on Tuesday night.”

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