20% of Irish people would tell NOBODY if they won a National Lottery jackpot

Key Findings

  • A quarter of Irish people (25%) would first tell their mother if they won the Lotto, while only 4% would tell their father first and 38% would first confide in their partner 
  • 20% of potential winners would travel to America, with Australia, the Caribbean and Maldives being close seconds (all 12%)

According to new research from the National Lottery, 20% of Irish people have said they would keep it a secret if they won a life-changing sum of money while by contrast 2% said that they would openly tell everyone. The overall majority (51%) would only confide in close family members if they ever won big.  

The research into the Irish public’s attitude and lifestyle changes if they became instant millionaires was carried out by the National Lottery to mark the whopping €11.5 million (estimated) Lotto jackpot up for grabs this Saturday, 10th June. 

When it comes to the all-important question, who would they tell first? One quarter of the population say it would be their mother, compared to only 4% going straight to their father with the exciting news.  

This Saturday, a Lotto player may have to make such a decision with the rollover from Wednesday night’s Lotto Jackpot culminating in the biggest Jackpot of the year so far, and a potentially life-changing sum of money!  

With their new winnings, one-fifth (20%) of jetsetters would head Stateside to enjoy the sights, sounds and stores, with the next most popular destinations being Australia (12%), the Caribbean (12%) and Maldives (12%).  

Ahead of tomorrow night’s highly anticipated draw, a National Lottery spokesperson said: “Could this be a record-breaking weekend for a Lotto player dreaming of winning big? Saturday night’s jackpot will be the biggest seen in the game this year as the jackpot rolls towards an estimated €11.5 million. As we get closer to the draw and excitement grows, we are reminding Lotto players that the cut-off time for ticket sales is 7.45pm on Saturday evening and don’t forget that tickets can be purchased in-store, through the National Lottery app or at www.lottery.ie.”

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