100 Guaranteed millionaires to be created across nine countries in Friday’s EuroMillions Raffle draw


The National Lottery has confirmed that Friday’s (21st January) EuroMillions draw will GUARANTEE that 100 new millionaires will be made across the nine participating countries in a special raffle draw. The 100 winners of the raffle prize are each guaranteed to win a life-changing €1 million.

Across the 9 countries participating in the raffle is Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

The National Lottery today revealed that players who buy a ticket for Friday’s EuroMillions draw will be automatically entered into the special EuroMillions Raffle draw which will create 100 millionaires.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery said, “Friday’s EuroMillions draw is going to be an incredibly exciting event. On top of the €17 million jackpot on offer, the draw will guarantee 100 brand new millionaires in the draw across the participating EuroMillions game members. There will be huge excitement in the build-up to Friday's draw which could be life-changing for one or more EuroMillions players in Ireland.”

Friday’s special EuroMillions Raffle draw is in addition to the main EuroMillions game where players have the chance to win the €17 million jackpot and other prizes, and the Ireland Only Raffle where 10 players in Ireland are guaranteed to win €5,000 each.

To play for the €17 million EuroMillions jackpot and the extra 100 guaranteed €1 million prizes, players are advised to get their tickets early in-store, through the National Lottery App or online at www.lottery.ie.

EuroMillions players will receive a special raffle code for each line played which will be the entry to the EuroMillions Raffle draw for the 100 one million prizes.

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