National Lottery announces special €1 Million Christmas Lotto Raffle top-up prize after Monaghan player misses out on life-changing prize

The National Lottery has confirmed that it will hold a special ‘GUARANTEED to be won’ €1 Million Lotto Plus Raffle event on Saturday 23rd December. This additional €1 Million prize will be returned to one lucky winner in the Christmas draw after a player in Monaghan missed the prize claim deadline on Friday 17th November for a Lotto Plus Raffle prize of €1,000,500 which they won on Saturday 19th August.

This ‘guaranteed to be won’ prize will be added to the Lotto Plus Raffle which typically sees between 60 and 120 winners of €500 in every draw. The Christmas draw on Saturday 23rd December will see one of these Raffle winners boost their winnings by an additional €1 Million.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “We were incredibly disappointed to see one of our players in Monaghan missing out on a life-changing €1 Million prize which was set to make them the 36th National Lottery Millionaire of 2023. We are in the business of making Millionaires and paying out life-changing prizes to our players. So, we are delighted to announce that this unclaimed prize will be returned to the Lotto Plus Raffle prize fund and one of our Lotto Plus players will officially become a Lotto Millionaire just before Christmas on Saturday 23rd December. 

How do I enter the Lotto Plus €1 Million Raffle event?

Every Lotto player who purchases a ticket with the Lotto Plus option included will be automatically entered into the Lotto Plus Raffle Draw.  

How does the Raffle event work?

For every Lotto Plus line purchased, players get a four-digit Raffle number. Tickets with the Raffle number drawn will win €500. For the Lotto draw on Saturday 23rd December, all Raffle winners will also be entered into a random draw with one player GUARANTEED to win €1 Million in addition to the usual €500 prize. 

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