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Festive Fortune

Festive Fortune
  • Prize: Win up to €30,000 Prize: Win up to €30,000
  • Odds of Winning: 2.76 Odds of Winning: 1 in 2.76
  • Game Price: €3.00 per play Game Price: €3.00 per play

How to Play

Important: Please ensure you are accessing this Instant Win Game from a supported device and browser.

Find your Fortune this Festive season!

Within each Present Box is a symbol.

Choose 6 out of the 9 boxes to unveil your symbols.

Any matching symbols will be marked on the Play Grid.

Match a whole line of symbols on the grid to win a prize.

Once the Game has been played a Finish button will appear; The game is not completed until it has been pressed. If after a period of time no areas have been clicked, visual prompts will appear to encourage the player to click and interact with the Game.

Game Rules


  1. The Interactive System must be available for play.
  2. A registered Player may play a “Try for Free” game for notional prizes by selecting the “Try” link in the Game Play Window.
  3. In order to play a National Lottery interactive Game, a Player must first register on-line from a link on in accordance with the PLI Interactive Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Player must have a valid Player Account.
  5. Players must be 18 years of age or older to Play the Game and Prizes will not be paid to persons under 18 years.
  6. The Player is required to log in to the Interactive System by entering a User ID and Password (created during the Player’s original on-line registration process) to gain access to this Game.
  7. When the Player has logged in to the Interactive System a choice of Games will appear on the instant win game lobby. The Player chooses the “Festive Fortune” Game by clicking on the “Play” link on the Game Play Window.
  8. The Player is then shown a brief “How to Play” synopsis of the Game and is invited to ‘Play Now’ or ‘Try’.
  9. When the Player chooses ‘Play Now’ he is then shown the price of playing that Game and current Wallet balance, at which point the Player is invited to ‘Play Now’.
  10. When the Player opens the Game the Interactive System checks to ensure that the Player has sufficient Unutilised Funds to complete the transaction. The cost of the Play is deducted from the Wallet balance and the amended Wallet balance is displayed.
  11. The Game then connects to the Interactive System which randomly selects a Play which may yield a Prize from one of the Prize Tiers for this Game. The result for a Play is randomly determined by the Interactive System. The Player’s interaction with the Game does not impact on the result.
  12. The opening screen is displayed with a ‘Settings’ button (cog symbol – bottom left hand side) The ‘Settings’ button opens when selected to display two further icons: the Sound button and the “i” button which contains the instructions of how to play the Game.
  13. When the Player selects the “Play’ button an interactive graphic is presented to the Player on the Game Play Window which will display nine ‘Present Box’ icons and a 6x6 grid of symbols with a prize amount labelling each row and column in the 6x6 grid.
  14. The aim of the game is to match six symbols in a row or column and win the corresponding amount displayed for that row or column.
  15. To commence Play the Player must select a ‘Present Box’ icon on the left hand side of the screen to reveal a symbol. The Player continues this process until six unique symbols have been revealed and marked on the grid.
  16. When the Player matches six symbols in a row or column in the grid the Player wins the corresponding prize for that row or column. The relevant row or column and associated prize amount will animate/highlight in yellow to indicate a prize has been won.
  17. Once the Player reveals six symbols under the ‘Present Box’ icons the game ends and a message indicating the result will appear:
  18. The Player is required to acknowledge this message by clicking the FINISH button. The Game then ends and the Player is shown the game confirmation screen.

If You purchase a Play and do not complete the Play, the system will automatically play out the Play within 24 hours. If a Low Tier Prize is won then that Prize will be paid directly into the Players Wallet. If a Mid-Tier (Level 1) Prize is won then that Prize will be paid by cheque and posted to the address specified in Your Player Account. If a Mid-Tier (Level 2) Prize is won then that Prize will be paid by cheque and posted to the address specified in Your Player Account, upon receipt of a completed Claim Form and proof of identity and age. If a High-Tier Prize is won then the Player will be notified and the Prize will be paid by cheque, stamped “Account Payee Only”, and which must be redeemed at National Lottery HQ upon receipt of a completed Prize Claim Form and proof of identity and age.

Download a copy of the National Lottery Festive Fortune rules (PDF)

All Instant Wins are games of chance. The outcome of a play is predetermined at the point of purchase and your actions will not influence whether you win a prize.

Play for fun and know your limits!

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