The Lotto Jackpot is capped at €19,060,800


The Lotto jackpot reached €19,060,800, a new record, on Wednesday (29th September) and was not won. The jackpot is now capped at that amount of €19,060,800 and will remain at that level until won. A single winner of the prize will become the biggest ever Lotto jackpot winner in the history of the game in Ireland.

For each draw at Cap, the jackpot remains as €19,060,800 and funds that would normally contribute to growing the jackpot will now flow down to the next tier at which there are winners, which means that there will be even more prize money guaranteed to be won at non jackpot prize tiers.

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FAQ Section 

What is the Lotto Cap?

Under the Lotto games rules, the jackpot is capped once it exceeds the previous cap of €18.96 million.

What happens when the jackpot reaches the cap?

When the jackpot reaches a cap, it is fixed and guaranteed at that level. This means that any excess amount above the Jackpot that would normally increase the jackpot size does not, but flows down to the next tier at which there are prize winners.  

What happens if the jackpot is not won?

The jackpot remains fixed and guaranteed at the €19,060,800 cap until it is won. As the jackpot will be capped, this means that no additional money will be added to the jackpot prize until it is won.

How long can the jackpot remain capped at €19,060,800? 

The jackpot will remain capped at €19,060,800 until it is won.