How Do I Know if I Have Won an Instant Win Game?

Once you have finished playing an Instant Win Game, the final screen will always clearly highlight the outcome of the game and, if you are a winner, will detail the amount won with the text, "Congratulations! You have won €X".

Please remember that the outcome of Instant Win Games are predetermined at the point of purchase and the animations are purely for entertainment. Your actions will not influence whether you win a prize.

Example of a winning outcome

Winning an instant win game example

Example of a losing outcome

Losing an instant win game example

The display of an Instant Win Game play may vary depending on the browser and device used to access the game. Instant Win Games should only be played using a supported browser and device;


Chrome (latest)

Safari (latest)

Firefox v96 or later


For the best experience, it’s recommended to use the Chrome browser on mobile phones.

The following mobile operating systems are supported:

iOS 13 - 15 using:
      - Safari (latest)
      - Chrome (latest)

Android 9 - 11 using:
      - Chrome (latest)

iPad, 3rd generation, is also supported.