How to Play Daily Million

How to Play Daily Million

What is Daily Million? 

Daily Million is a draw game in which you can pick any six numbers from 1 to 39. At each draw six random numbers are drawn, along with one bonus number.

How much is a Daily Million ticket?

The minimum play for Daily Million is one line per draw. Each line costs €1. 

What is the Daily Million top prize?

The top prize is €1 million! 

When are the Daily Million draws?

Draws take place twice a day, every day at 2pm and 9pm precisely, and the results can be viewed on our results page an hour after each draw. Sales reopen 10 minutes after each draw has finished.

Ways to Play Daily Million:

  1. In-store
    • Choose your own numbers
    • You mark a playslip with your six selected numbers.

    • Choose Quick Pick numbers
    • Quick Pick means your numbers are randomly selected for you. You can ask your National Lottery Agent directly for a Quick Pick or mark the Quick Pick box in the panels on your playslip.

  2. Online

 Register to play online to

  • Never miss a draw!
  • Save & Play your numbers automatically!
  • Have your numbers automatically checked!


To Play Daily Million Online:

  1. Fill in at least one line on the ticket on your screen. You can either:
    • Key in your chosen numbers 1 to 39 OR
    • Click the QP button for automatic Quick Pick numbers OR
    • Select My Last Ticket if you've played before OR
    • Go to My Favourite Numbers and choose from your list of saved favourite numbers
  2. Select or deselect Daily Million Plus
  3. Choose the number of Advance Play draws you want your numbers to play in from one to seven
  4.  Click Play Now. You'll have the chance to check that your numbers are correct before you press the Purchase button, and hey presto! You're in.
  5. We'll send you an email to let you know if your ticket is a winner!

You can always check all your purchases at any time using your online account.

Daily Million Advance Play

Daily Million Advance Play means that you can play up to a seven draws in advance. Just tick the Advance Play box for one to seven draws, which ever suits best. The ticket you get will show the number of draws you're in and what dates apply.

Advance Play will always include the next Daily Million draw (and Daily Million Plus draws if you decide to play). If you win a prize in any of the draws you can claim it in the usual way. Retain your ticket to cover any draws left on your Advance Play.


Matched Numbers Winnings
6 Wins or share €1 Million
5 + Bonus €10,000
5 €500
4 + Bonus €100
4 €25
3 + Bonus €10
3 €3

In the event that the €1 Million top prize is not won, it does not rollover to the next Daily million draw. This applies to all categories in the Daily Million game.

Expected prize payout per Daily Million draw is 54.23% of Gross Revenue for that draw.  This may vary depending on the actual prize payout on any given Daily Million draw.

Odds of Winning Daily Million

 Daily Million    also Daily Million Plus 
   Matched Numbers       Bonus Number       Approximate Odds   
 6  no  1 in 3,262,623
 5  yes  1 in 543,771
 5  no  1 in 16,993
 4  yes  1 in 6,797
 4  no  1 in 439
 3  yes  1 in 329
 3  no  1 in 33
 Daily Million only: Any prize 1 in 28                                   
 Daily Million and Daily Million Plus: Any prize 1 in 14    


Odds of Winning Daily Million and Daily Million Plus

Any prize: 1 in 14


Game Rules and Guides


Important stuff!

Proof of Purchase

If you've bought a paper ticket, look after it. It's your only valid record for claiming a prize.

Check the draw time

If you play before 2pm your ticket will be entered into the 2pm draw, after 2pm you’ll be entered into the draw for 9pm. Check the ticket to see the draw time.

Daily Million Ticket

Check your numbers

If you chose numbers instead of a Quick Pick, make sure they're the numbers you wanted before you leave the agent's premises.

Don't get caught for time!

Bear in mind that you won't be able to buy your Daily Million ticket immediately before or while the game is on.  Sales close at 2pm and 9pm precisely and don't reopen until 10 minutes after each draw has finished. Any tickets bought for the next draw will be eligible in that draw, right up to terminal closing.

Playing Daily Million Plus?

Daily Million Plus gives you an extra chance to win €500,000 for just 50 cent! If you select to play this draw, the words PLUS YES will be printed on your ticket. See How to Plus Daily Million Plus for more details.

You can reuse your playslip

If you like to play the same set of numbers every week just keep the playslip. You don't need to complete a fresh one each time you play. If you play online, your account will remember your last played numbers and you can save favourite numbers too.