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The Rainbow Club Cork Centre for Autism is a truly unique service, providing children and young people with autism spectrum disorder, their families, and carers with a holistic, co-ordinated approach to education and skills for children in every aspect of their lives. Delivered by a team of professionals plus over 60 amazing volunteers, the Rainbow Club’s aim is to help, support and teach people about Autism, how to live every day with it, and how to thrive by learning new skills and enjoying new experiences.

After receiving Good Causes funding last year, the Rainbow Club were able to set up their ‘Gamer Café’ pilot programme for children and teens with ASD, and included coding, game development, computer knowledge and computer building. It also greatly benefited typing skills, technology education, concentration, hand-to-eye coordination, and social interaction as well as fostering an interest in technology. 

The pilot was a huge success, and greatly helped improve the day-to-day lives of 60 children as well as their support groups, and The Rainbow Club hope that similar programmes can be rolled out in other organisations nationwide. Opening this door for people with Autism has had a massive impact on their emotional and mental well-being, especially as it took place during the pandemic, when everybody’s world got so much smaller, especially young people with Autism.

As one happy mother said, ‘my son smiles coming out, he has friends he never had, and he has found an interest that has given him a positive approach.’

We are really proud of the amazing work that is done every day by The Rainbow Club Cork, and very happy to shine the spotlight on them as part of the National Lottery Good Causes Awards.