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Lough Grainey Valley, a majestic corner of East Clare, is an area of immense natural beauty and huge ecological value. Named after the ancient Irish Sun Goddess, Grian – Lough Grainey Valley is home to some of Ireland’s most endangered species of animals and plants, including the Irish Oak.

But for how long?

At this time of global climate emergency and loss of biodiversity around the planet, we need to ensure that the last places of wilderness, such as Lough Grainey Valley, are protected and preserved. The Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary aims to do just that, with a team including Film Directors, Doctors, Herbalists, Lecturers and Artists putting their skills and know-how together to create a nature sanctuary that will be enjoyed for generations to come. In fact, involving children through Forest Schools, Nature Walks and Workshops is a key part of the Sanctuary’s strategy, to foster and re-connect with our innate love for nature. 

As part of the larger project, which includes buying 70 acres of Lough Rainey Valley with a view to rewilding it, the Sanctuary received Good Causes funding last year which was used for various projects such as purchasing webcam equipment as well as important surveys on bats, Pearl Mussels, and other river inhabitants.

Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary are making a meaningful contribution towards protecting and enhancing our environment, reducing carbon footprint, and enhancing native flora and fauna. It’s work that we hope our grandkids’ grandkids will benefit from, and we’re delighted to be associated with such a wonderful organisation.