Good Cause of the Year 2021

Lough Ree Lanesborough Angling Hub

Introducing this year's Good Cause of the Year, Lough Ree Lanesborough Angling Hub. This inspirational organisation has changed peoples lives for the better within their Community. This amazing group truly are champions of inclusivity and are worthy winners of this year’s awards. Huge congratulations to all the amazing people involved in this community-based angling group.

National Lottery are so proud to support them.

2021 Category Winners

Arts & Culture

Graffiti Theatre Company

Graffiti Theatre Company have been sparking joy and imagination in children and young people in Cork since 1984, making the world of art, culture and creativity as accessible as possible for younger imaginations.


Autism Support Louth & Meath

Established by a group of parents almost 20 years ago, this support group for families of children with autism is a heart-warming testament to the amazing things that can be achieved when a community pulls together.  



Immigrant Council of Ireland

The Immigrant Council of Ireland performs a vital role in any community that aspires to be safe and just. Their support and advocacy for the rights of migrants and their families is an absolutely essential service.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

Protecting our native wildlife has never been more challenging, or more important, and the work the WRI do across Ireland to rehabilitate wildlife and promote its ongoing welfare is crucial for this and all future generations.

Health & Wellbeing

Lough Ree Lanesborough Angling Hub

In a thriving community, nobody is excluded or left behind. Many of the Good Causes we support excel at this, and none more so than Lough Ree Lanesborough Angling Hub, who went to extraordinary lengths, showed an amazing capacity for innovation and a real spirit of inclusiveness to make sure that all members of their community, able-bodied or not, could enjoy the wonderful recreation of lake angling. 


Raphoe Community Sport Development

It is testament to the hard work and determination of the people in Raphoe Community Sports Development, that they have not only survived as a sports club without a home since 2013, but have actually thrived, fully deserving the place they now call home.

Irish Language

Gaelphobal Thamhlachta

The Irish language is a fundamental part of our identity and heritage, and thanks to organisations like Gaelphobal Thamhlachta, it has fertile ground in which it can flourish, in the heart of the Tallaght community. 

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