Blue Box Creative Learning Centre

Blue Box is a Limerick-based, not-for-profit organisation working with children & young people who are suffering trauma due to poverty, bullying ,sexuality, grief, loss, domestic violence, homelessness, environmental or domestic trauma. This creative arts therapy gives a voice to a child’s inner world of pain.  Their mission is to provide psychotherapy services to vulnerable children, young people and their families to realise their full potential through research-based, innovative, professional, accredited Creative Arts Therapies. Priority is given to the most socially & economically disadvantaged children in Limerick.

Blue Box is the only free accessible Creative Arts Therapy project that works with children & youths on school and community sites, which enables the most disadvantaged families in Limerick get access to mental health and wellness programmes as well as individual therapy. Through the Creative Arts Psychotherapy model as a research informed practice, they address the emotional, cognitive and developmental needs of vulnerable children and families living in Limerick by developing therapy interventions in response to the mental health and well-being needs of children in schools and community settings. By partnering with HSE, Mental Health, TUSLA, Youth Services and Schools/Education services, as well as other community organisations, they are continually responding to the growing need for child-appropriate psychological intervention services for traumatised children.

Blue Box provide services to 16 secondary and primary schools and 4 pre-schools as well as on-site services and outreach services to community organisations and local families. They have supported over 455 children and their families in 2017/2018 delivering over 3,000 hours of service.

Funds raised by our players have allowed Blue Box to help children and young people that were suffering from mental health because of trauma in their lives. These people were able to access free therapy that is out of financial reach. Mental health resources are under serious pressure, waiting lists are long and inaccessible to the most vulnerable communities. Blue Box was able through the funding to take on more sessions with homeless children living in temporary accommodation and suffering from trauma. Trauma stops children learning (ACE's) and these youths have great difficulty in school. Blue Box offered over 100 extra sessions with parental support to the most vulnerable children in our society.

As the only service of its kind that offers a professional therapy service in-house and in schools, Blue Box is an essential service that benefits children’s educational, social, emotional and behavioral needs, that affects the classroom and the ambiance of the school overall, and importantly, the family and future generations.

We are so proud to support such a meaningful cause who are offering support to vulnerable children and youths in Limerick.