Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland (WRI) is a registered charity and represents 30+ wildlife rehabilitation centres/individuals in communities throughout Ireland. Their mission is to promote wildlife rehabilitation and improve wildlife welfare and conservation in Ireland. By working with all stakeholders, they improve rehabilitation and implement sustainable wildlife-friendly policies for their communities. WRI also advances the protection of wild animals and their habitats through education, advocacy and outreach.

Good Causes funding supported the vital voluntary rehabilitators nationwide who help Irish wildlife including pine martens, hedgehogs, seals, swans, bats and foxes. In 2019 over 6,000 wild animals were treated throughout Ireland. Funding enabled the team to directly support rehabilitators, strategically work towards the improvement of Ireland’s ad-hoc wildlife rehabilitation system, and establish licensing and standards of care.

In 2020, more people have been spending time outdoors and aware of their surroundings, which resulted in double the wildlife needing rehabilitation care. This meant rehabilitators have responded to twice as many calls about injured or orphaned wildlife compared with previous years.

We are so proud to support the ongoing care and dedication of this charity.