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Congratulations to the Heritage category finalists:

Birdwatch Ireland - Wicklow

Established in 1968, Birdwatch Ireland is the largest independent conservation organisation in Ireland. The aim of the registered charity, which has over 15,000 members, is to conserve wild birds and their natural habitats. During the Covid pandemic, birds became a significant source of entertainment, comfort and solace for people which led to an increase in enquiries about Irish wildlife. Through Good Causes funding, their ‘Outreach for Nature’ project aimed to assist and engage better with the public and educate them on the role they could play in supporting nature conservation.  

Cavan and Leitrim Railway (Dromod) - Leitrim

With the help of Good Causes funding, the Cavan and Leitrim Railway (Dromod) group has successfully restored a short section of the original narrow-gauge line that closed in 1959. The railway is run completely by volunteers from the ages of 18 – 70 and who come from varying backgrounds of society.

Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) - Kildare

IPCC (Irish Peatland Conservation Council) is a charity whose mission is to conserve a representative portion of Irish peatlands for people to enjoy, today and in the future. The Save the Bogs Campaign is their longest running initiative and includes work in peatland research, site conservation, species monitoring, policy and advocacy and education and awareness.

Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary  - Clare

Lough Grainey is a not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to creating and maintaining a Nature Sanctuary in the Lough Grainey Valley in Co. Clare with the aim of protecting biodiversity, rewilding, restoring the ancient oak forest and helping children to reconnect with nature. Through Good Causes funding, they were able to purchase webcam equipment (NatureCam) and carry out a bat survey on the land in the Lough Grainey Valley.

Waterford County Museum - Gallowshill Project  - Waterford

Waterford County Museum is a community organisation dedicated to promoting and preserving local history. A heritage site which has proven to be an important settlement for over 2,000 years has been uncovered by the project and rewritten the recorded history of Dungarvan. The Museum’s most successful community outreach has been the multi-award winning Gallowshill Community Archaeology Project. Good Causes funding through the Heritage Council allowed the team to have many innovative outcomes and has uncovered an exceptional heritage site that has rewritten the recorded history of Dungarvan.