Congratulations to the Heritage category finalists:

Donegal Railway Heritage Museum - Donegal

Donegal Railway Heritage Museum are a small community museum that rescues, restores, showcases, educates and celebrates the unique railways that once operated across this remote part of Ireland in County Donegal. They operate a wonderful museum with an original steam engine, Ireland’s first interactive steam cab, railway stock, models, and a variety of artefacts and audio/visual, that everyone in Donegal and the surrounding area can enjoy.

Mayo Dark Skies - Mayo

Mayo Dark Skies are a community-based group who work to reduce light pollution, preserve and restore dark skies over Mayo. They do this through education, raising awareness and events promoting positive lighting practices and supporting environmental goals.

The Little Museum of Dublin - Dublin

The Little Museum of Dublin launched in 2011 and its collection of over 5,000 artefacts was created through public donation. Since launching, their goal was to grow civic pride, foster belonging, and public engagement with Dublin’s diverse heritage. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery via the Heritage Council, they have been able to keep their classes for Irish schools free and accessible for thousands of young people each year.

Tipperary Town Revitalisation - Tipperary

Tipperary Town Revitalisation was founded to address the many issues that have impacted the development of Tipperary town; this includes heritage led regeneration. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery via the Heritage Council (and in collaboration with the Museum of Childhood Ireland, TTR) they delivered a series of sustainable heritage workshops, encouraging young people to engage with their built environment and inspiring them to reimagine a future for themselves and their town. This community project also highlighted the ability of a towns Architectural Conservation Area to capture a place’s distinctive special quality and allowed them the opportunity to produce a film documenting the towns rich Glove Industry.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland - Meath

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is a not for profit NGO working for the general advancement of wildlife protection and rehabilitation in Ireland. Funding provided by National Lottery Good Causes enabled WRI to identify and rent a private site and set up an interim hospital in Feb 2021 to meet the growing need for wildlife rehabilitation. This represented a milestone for the country- Ireland's first ever dedicated wildlife hospital.