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Children in Hospital Ireland

Children in Hospital Ireland is a national organisation which was established in 1970. It is committed to promoting and ensuring the welfare of all children in hospital and their families. Since inception, the organisation has been directly working with sick children to bring them fun and support. Children in Hospital Ireland uses its expertise to deliver unique daily and weekly play sessions that support children, parents, and staff in 14 paediatric wards and playrooms nationwide. Their belief is to make hospital a happier place for children though play and advocacy. This wonderful organisation supports children before, during and after hospitalisation. 

Children in Hospital Ireland offer an array of services such as volunteer hospital play schemes, support and advice to parents and carers of sick children, consultation, and advocacy, working closely with Healthcare professionals and provide training programmes for medical and nursing personnel. The service that this amazing organisation is best known for is their volunteer-led play scheme which operates in 14 paediatric units across Ireland.

Funding from our players, has allowed Children in Hospital Ireland to recruit, train, vet, place and support over 500 volunteers who go into paediatric units and hospitals and provide play and recreation activities for the children and young people at the bedside, in the playrooms and in the outpatient and emergency departments. 

Their volunteers are people based in the local community who simply want to give back and help to bring a smile to a child's face during a difficult time. Play brings a sense of normality and control to the children while giving parents a much-needed break to enable them to get a cup of tea, take a walk or just take time out from what can be a stressful situation. In 2019 Children in Hospital Ireland increased the number of volunteers shifts available, covering more weekends and evenings and commenced in one new paediatric unit.

We're so proud to support this incredible organization offering much needed support to children, their parents and careers across Ireland.

16/10/2019 - NEWS - Suzanne Lynch and  Jacinta Nisbet play volunteers with Jamie Reid age 10 from Blanchardstown, a patient at Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin on a ward of the hospital. Sheila Wayman Piece.
(Crumlin Childrens Hospital is the old name for the hospital) 
Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times