Immigrant Council of Ireland

The Immigrant Council of Ireland is a national, non-governmental organisation that promotes the rights of migrants. Their vision is a society that is fair, respects human rights and diversity and is committed to everyone, including people from a migrant background having the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Their mission is to support and advocate for the rights of immigrants and their families and act as a catalyst for public, debate, legal and policy changes.

The impact of this organisation is enormous throughout Ireland. Their work is to ensure Ireland is a safe and equal place for all working migrants in different organizations and environments. Their aim is to make Ireland a more diverse and inclusive society by working to reform immigration law and organising programmes to bring people together from a migrant background to connect with one another and their local communities.

In 2020, from funds raised by our players the Immigrant Council of Ireland were able to give information and support to over 5,000 people through their helpline. Their legal team managed 200 cases offering free legal advice and representation, including supporting 27 victims of human trafficking who had been exploited in Ireland and abroad. They were also able to support 45 migrant children to secure their rights to a secure life in Ireland and be reunited with their families, as well as offer legal aid to migrant women to escape domestic violence and achieve independence. Also, through their Anti-Racism Support Service they provided free support to 46 people who came to them to report an incident of racism.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland work to ensure Ireland is a safe and equal place for anyone to achieve their dreams and ambitions. This is crucial and impactful work that is been carried out and we're so proud to support their efforts.