Dance Theatre Ireland

Dance Theatre of Ireland opened its doors in October 2000. The centre for Dance is in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Dance Theatre of Ireland (DTI) is a professional contemporary dance company with extensive Arts & Health, Community, and Education programmes in dance, working locally and nationally across Ireland.

DTI are on a mission to transform peoples lives through dance. The theatre caters for all age groups with their range of dance classes, educational courses, and performance activities.  DTI support over 3,000 participants on a yearly basis. They run specialized programmes for older people who suffer from Parkinson’s and Dementia.  This allows older people to learn and perform dance and opens the opportunity to enjoy quality experiences with the dance tutors.

Through funding raised by our players DTI have been able to increase participation and raise awareness of the benefits of dance in improving health and wellbeing of senior people. DTI were also able to introduce a new performance group, Vintage Youth Dance Ensemble, who exemplify the creativity and the vitality of seniors and highlight the issues of aging.

Throughout Covid–19, DTI moved their well–dance classes online to support hundreds of older people. They were able to help the most vulnerable and physically isolated people during the most challenging of times. People who are affected by Parkinson’s and Dementia were able to enjoy new ways to learn to dance in the safety of their homes.

DTI are transforming people's lives through dance, and we're so proud to be with them every step of the way.