Identifying a scratch card game

Identifying the game number on our scratch card games is a quick and easy process. 


On the bottom of all games, there is a white panel containing the Game Information Panel. 


The first three digits of the code within this Panel refer to the game number of that particular game.



- Players should check this number when referring to corresponding game rule documentation as from time to time, multiple game number versions may be on sale simultaneously.

 -Prize structure and game change enhancements may be made with each new version of a game.  It is important to make sure that players are referring to the correct version of the rules that apply to that game number. 

-  Rules for one game version may not necessarily be applicable to an older or newer version of the same game.


When the play period for a game comes to an end, an announcement will be added to the Game End announcement page. From this date, a player has up to 90 days to claim any outstanding prizes.


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